Secure from All Angles


Traditional CAPTCHA is a binary test: if you present the right answer, you’re let in. Not so with PlayThru. Our security system requires multiple levels of user interaction before a site visitor is verified as human. And finishing the game isn’t enough: PlayThru actually analyzes how visitors play each game, modeling their behavior against our proprietary humanness algorithm. Even bots that complete the game are stopped.



Natural Language Processing
We require more than just deciphering text and repeating it back: to complete a PlayThru, you have to comprehend the meaning of the instructions.

Image Tracking
Our games aren’t images that can be easily copied and processed by machines, or even by humans in a country with low labor costs. The dynamics of the game change constantly. If you’re a bot, that means you have to perform image segmentation, recognition, and tracking.

We keep the bots guessing by constantly releasing more games, incorporating an ever-changing library of images and scenarios that frustrate their efforts.


Machine Learning
We analyze various facets of a user’s interaction with the game and run them through our machine learning algorithms to determine how “human-like” they are. Completing the game isn’t enough: you have to play like a human does.

Text-based CAPTCHAs can’t be made more difficult for bots without becoming more difficult for humans, too. With PlayThru, you can decide how strict or lenient you want the back-end scoring to be—without making the game any more difficult for users.